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Shared June 17, 2015
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As technology gets more advanced, so do the threats that can take over a computer. From mobile computing to cloud enterprise solutions there are more and more ways to connect to the online world. This means that there are more ways that a computer can both become infected and carry a virus to another computer that connects to it.

NOD32 uses the same technology that is making it easier to attack computers to help protect and secure your computer system. The basics of virus detection were simpler in the past, as a database of known characteristics was added to over time and each computer’s files were compared to that database. Time has brought both new threats and new solutions.

NOD32 used the latest technology and cloud computing to defeat viruses, worms, and other computer threats in a more active manner. Rather than simply look for set of file standards that meets a set of pre-known standards, these days NOD32 looks at each file and not only looks for known issues, but compares the system to what other systems connected to the internet are doing. This means that a virus can be detected based on an entire internet worth of computers and their behavior.

Because there are more ways to exchange information, there are now new ways to protect information. Scans now include all kinds of drives, not just the hard drives. Each drive and its type are scanned a little differently, based on how that type of drive is typically used. USB drives are treated differently than SD cards, and vice versa. Each and every specific use of a computer is handled in a slightly unique manner. In a way, your NOD32 protected computer is protecting the other computers that share a USB drive, as it is cleansing that USB each time.

Files are no longer just deleted because of viral content. All possible methods are used to preserve the initial use of the file. If a photo file has gotten infected with a virus, NOD32 is going to attempt to clear the virus and keep the original file intact. This means that a virus no longer has to mean losing files while the virus is cleaned. NOD32 also catches a virus before it has had time to infect a large number of files.

Another great thing about NOD32 and using the internet is the alert system. Previously, when a person downloaded a file from the internet, the download would take place and then the antivirus program would alert the user before the file was moved from the temporary location to the download location. This was a good system, although, if the file was a large file and potentially important, the user had to wait for the download to finish finding out there was an issue.

NOD32 now can alert a user most of the time before the file even begins to download. Another user, somewhere on the internet has downloaded the file and their NOD32 caught the virus. NOD32 then communicates that information to the rest of the internet users also using NOD32. One NOD32 user has now saved the rest from wasting the time to download that file. It is a fantastic system that improves every day.

If an infected file is every downloaded, the options available in NOD32 are even more open than in previous versions. No longer does a user have to settle for losing their file because a virus was attached. Now they can choose to attempt to clean the virus, to vault the file and wait for a better solution, or to simply delete the file altogether.

NOD32 Antivirus 5 is the best program yet. There are more and more changes that are hitting the program every day through updates and it just gets better and better. Never again will the fear of viruses make a user leery of the internet and all that it has to offer.

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Shared June 17, 2015

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