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Get Latest Active Coupons for hostgator coupon 15 -50% off promo code and deals discounts ... Web Hosting Service at www.hostgator.com Creating your own website gives you a platform to promote your business, share your thoughts or display your art. Developing a great website has become easier over the years with developments in design software, but you still need a great web host to get the site online. Some web hosts offer more while charging low monthly fees, and other companies make it easy to upload or design your site. HostGator combines affordability with a variety of other benefits. They can help beginners set up their first website, but their plans appeal to internet veterans who have been running websites for years. Everyone can find the hosting solution they need with HostGator. hostgator coupon »

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Shared June 17, 2015
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1. Unlimited Space Although server space has become less expensive, many web hosting companies still have limits on the amount of storage for each account. A 1 GB storage limit means that you can only upload a limited number of files. If you are running a full e-commerce website with thousands of products you will easily go over this limit, leaving only half of your website functional. HostGator has no limits on storage space beginning with their least expensive plan. Even if you are just designing a hobby website you can plenty of space to upload it.

2. No Bandwidth Limits Bandwidth is another strain on server power that is limited by most companies. Each time a visitor pulls up your website, a version of the file is downloaded from the server. This transfer of data accumulates with each visitor and adds up quickly. Just a few hundred visitors could exceed a GB of bandwidth each month. Many hosting plans limit you to 1, 2 or 5 GB of bandwidth unless you pay for an expensive professional plan. This could cause your website to become inaccessible after an advertising campaign that floods it with new visitors. HostGator has no limits on bandwidth. Even their smallest plan comes with unlimited bandwidth for everyone.

3. Advertising Credits A website can be a powerful tool for advertising your business, but only if people can find it. The right type of advertising puts your link in front of people searching for terms related to your product, service or geographical location. HostGator offers over $100 worth of free advertising credits to new members. You can experiment with a variety of advertising methods to see which work the best for you without spending an extra dime.

4. No Downtime In the world of web hosting, downtime refers to the accidents that cause servers to crash and make hosted files unavailable. During downtime your website won't be accessible to any visitors. You may also have trouble accessing your files on the server. HostGator has perfected their backup systems and can guarantee that your website will be up 99.9% of the time. A few brief moments of downtime are very rare and have no effect on your site. If you experience more downtime than promised you can receive a refund for the hosting costs for the affected time period.

5. Customer Service HostGator is known throughout the hosting industry for having some of the best customer service available. Customers can connect the service team 24/7 in case an emergency appears in the middle of the night. If your website is down or something goes wrong with the uploading process you can solve the problem with a single call. The live chat feature makes it easy to ask quick questions or to request help with basic features. With live chat you can have the information you need in just a few seconds. All of the service team members are fully trained within the HostGator system and can handle some tasks from their headquarters if a major problem occurs.

6. Variety Of Options Some host companies have just a few servers and target small businesses and individuals. Others own hundreds of storage machines and price their services to appeal to giant corporations. HostGator helps both passionate hobbyists and multi-national groups manage their web presence. If you just need a basic website, the Hatchling plan comes with everything you need and won't limit your website's growth. There are plenty of packages offer support for the databases necessary to create a new social network, or choose an e-commerce plan to sell products. The biggest sites can even rent whole servers. HostGator offers both Windows and Linux hosting options as well.

7. Helpful Software There are dozens of options for web design software. Many programs walk you through the process if you have never experimented with designing a web site, while others only work for design professionals. HostGator has a few great programs available from your hosting control panel. Many of them offer help when creating a website from scratch. The SiteBuilder program comes with some of the basic hosting packages and is a simple editor that allows you to drag and drop page elements as you please. Visual editors work best for newcomers to web design. Programs for installing popular platforms like WordPress and Joomla are also included with HostGator packages.

8. Green Energy Web hosting may not seem like an industry concerned with the environment, but HostGator has made a variety of changes to help limit their impact on the world around them. The company regularly purchases carbon offset credits that support the development of green energy like solar and wind equipment. These credits also help reduce the amount of carbon produced by the power used to run the servers and equipment of the company. Few other web hosts make any effort to improve the environment, but generating the electricity required to run the servers can put a lot of pollution into the air.

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Shared June 17, 2015

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