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Get Latest Active hp.com Coupon code for hp promo code 15 -45% off hp coupons and deals discounts ... There are dozens of websites that specialize in hardware and software, but one of the best and most well known is owned by the Hewlett Packard Company. Abbreviated to HP.com, the site is known for being extremely easy to navigate through, having an abundance of information regarding hundreds of products, and many other benefits that make it one of the top rated websites around. hp coupon hp coupon »

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Shared June 17, 2015
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When visitors first enter the website, they'll be greeted with the top three deals at any given time. Because Hewlett Packard is a technology-based company, the website often features deal centered on newly released products and sales. Since these popular items appear on the front page, this make it very easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

For those who aren't looking for the newest model or biggest sale, the top section of the website provides visitors with easy navigation. Since HP.com has a wide variety of uses, the site is split into three groups, products, explore and create, and support and drivers.

The product section of the website offers everything from home office to big business items and everything in between. Once visitors click on this area, they will be automatically redirected to the store portion of the website, Shopping.HP.com. Shopping.HP.com is still part of the original HP website, but allows visitors to view an online catalog of laptops, desktops, printers, ink, paper, electronics, accessories, and more.

Once users click on the product that they're interested in, they'll be given a list of specs that they can filter. For example, if a college student is looking to purchase a laptop, he can choose to view only those only with a large screen size, light weight, full keyboard, and under $700. Depending on the specific product that's being researched, users will also be able to sort by size, special features, brand, prices, color, weight, most popular, and recommended.

The recommended section of Shopping.HP.com is one of the best site features because it allows the company to help those who are unsure the exact product they need. For example, if that same college student wasn't computer savvy, he could visit the HP website and click on "Laptops recommended for students." He will then be presented with a list of items that been pre-approved by the Hewlett Packard company to have everything that a student needs. Once on the recommended page, visitors will also be able to compare products side by side to guarantee that they get the best item possible.

Not everyone who visits the HP website will be shopping for products though, and that's where the 'explore and create' and 'support and drivers' sections come in.

In addition to being one of the leading producers of computers, Hewlett Packard is also well known for their printers. This is made more apparent under the 'explore and create' section of the website, which offers users a chance to edit,create and print photos.

Most photos look better with a bit of editing, whether its to adjust the photo size or to better balance the color, but not everyone is skilled with Photoshop. That is why Hp.com offers several programs that allow visitors to edit their own images. These programs go far beyond just the simple adjustments too. For example, if visitors click on the 'Creative Studio' section of the website, they can browse dozens of project ideas that they can use their photos for. Some of these include scrapbooks, calendars, iron-ons, puzzles, posters, gift tags, stationery and more.

Best of all, HP has made is extremely easy to create and share all these. Even those who don't have previous image of computer knowledge can make a wide variety of crafts with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. The items will then be delivered either directly to the home or to a nearby store for pickup.

The last section of the site is the 'support and drivers' area. Unlike the other two, this is the only section of the site that doesn't redirect to Shopping.HP.com. This is because users are not required to purchase drivers, but can instead download them for free.

All computers need various drivers to preform certain tasks. For example, if a computer is missing a video driver, no videos will load on the computer until it's repaired. Unfortunately, these drivers have been known to become unresponsive and crash. When this happens, the driver must be re-installed.

Not all computers use the same drivers and it can be a pain for users to install the right one. Fortunately, HP.com has an amazing feature that takes the stress and headaches out of computer repair. The feature is called 'Automatic Fix' and will immediately tell users the driver that their computer is missing with a few easy clicks. Once visitors know, they can begin downloading and installing it.

For those who still have trouble, the 'Support' section of the site offers outstanding customer service in both troubleshooting and purchases. This, paired with all the other features on the site, makes it one of the best hardware and software companies around.

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Shared June 17, 2015

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