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Get Latest Active norton Coupon code for norton promo code 15 -50% off coupons and deals discounts ... Norton.com is a good website for purchasing the complete suite of Symantec’s powerful and diverse anti-virus software. Symantec offers an integrated defense system that blocks viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. Consumers can choose from five different products, these include their best selling software: Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Ghost, Norton Online Backup, Norton Utilities and Norton Secured Seal. On the website, Symantec introduces two new products to their software lineup: Norton One and Norton 360 Everywhere. norton coupon »

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In addition to offering anti-virus software for sale, Norton.com also provides a number of Live Services such as PC Power Boost, Norton PC Checkup, and Rescue Me. The website is divided into separate sections with an area for Products, Services, and Support.

There are many ways to obtain instant help for users with infected computers. The website offers “NortonLive Rescue Me,” which is a remote service that is available to diagnose computer problems. Members can use the online tools to troubleshoot and tune-up their computers, without paying any extra fees, this feature is part of the support package that is automatically included with any Symantec product purchase.

The first thing that greets visitors to the website is a splash page that provides the opportunity to learn about all of the anti-virus products. For those who might not be familiar with Norton’s capabilities, they can use the home page to explore and compare the different types of anti-virus software; this page also provides information about special promotions. The home page lists specifics about each product, with graphics and images; anyone browsing for information can simply click on the corresponding image, and find out which product best suits their individual needs.

Symantec also offers a Security Center, in an easy to use link labeled at the top of the page. This feature at the Norton.com, guides visitors to the website through individual articles listed under separate headers, the articles cover numerous topics such as the basics of protecting yourself online. Visitors can learn about virus threats in real time and the website features articles that underscore the importance of updating anti-virus definitions. There are “read more” tabs at the bottom of each topic, which provides visitors with opportunity to learn in-depth information about cyber crime prevention.

Because so many computer users are unaware of the vast number of potential threats and those that may pose unknown risks to their security, Norton.com offer more than software. The site also provides resources for anyone searching for information about Internet security. In order to protect yourself online, you should know the terminology that can help keep you safe. Symantec provides a basic glossary set and a cybercrime index.

When first time users decide to visit Norton.com, they are given a choice to sample any Symantec anti-virus product. The website extends a free trial period for all their products. The software is available for immediate download. The trial period does not require a credit card, but users must enter valid information to create an account. The information needed for account creation is an email address and a password.


Norton.com allows visitors to the site to access a list of features, which comes with all Symantec antivirus software products. Through the website, Symantec provide answers to many of the essential questions that Internet users have about keeping their computers safe.

There is a significant trial period offered that allows new users a chance to test the antivirus software before they buy. Symantec provides innovative software that effectively combats a number of malicious threats. The entire suite of antivirus software is compatible with all operating systems; visitors to the site can immediately read about safely installing the software on computers with Windows 8.

Online tools are provided to check PCs for malicious spyware and viruses. Information is also available about security risks such as clicking on suspicious links. Norton.com also advises users how to scan email attachments, and how to avoid online fraud and phishing attempts.

The website is comprehensive; it has tools for members and non-members. For members customer support is provided 24 hours a day, account management features encourages interactive live chat, which can help with troubleshooting many types of computer malfunctions.

Overall, Norton.com is a good way to purchase multi-functional anti-virus software. The design of the website is fundamentally sound and it provides for easy navigation. Visitors to the site can quickly locate resources and additional information about Symantec products. They make it convenient to “try before you buy” and the graphics are an effective representation of the actual software packaging. There is a lot of useful information contained on the website, and it is organized in a manner that makes it possible to learn about all forms of cyber crimes including exploit viruses.

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Shared June 17, 2015

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