Experimenting with Cloches

A couple of years ago Jon gave me a set of really beautiful glass cloches for my birthday. I usually use them indoors for decoration because they are so pretty and delicate. But this past weekend I noticed that my cabbage seedlings looked down right chilly. So I decided that Id do a little experiment. Ive placed cloches over two savory cabbage seedlings and Ive left two others exposed to the elements. Im curious to see how much better the plants under cover do. In the meantime, it will be fun to admire the cloches. They definitely add a veneer of elegance to my simple garden!

9 Responses to Experimenting with Cloches

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    Deb Says:
    My son made a cloche for me out of rounded 22s and covered it with that storm window stuff that shrinks to fit when exposed to heat. I have one broccoli out of about 8 (three varieties) that is about 5 times as large as the broccolis that did not have a cloche. It is also a bright green where the others are a purplish-gray green. Ive got to get more of these. All the best with yours.
    Deb in Everett, Wa

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    Crystal Says:
    less pretty but just as effective, cut the bottom off a 2-liter pop bottle and stick the rest of the bottle in the ground over a seedling. the cap can be removed when you need to water, otherwise leave it on.

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    Andrea Says:
    So pretty! Lucky you to be able to experiment with your cabbages. Let us all know how you fare.

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    Anne Says:
    We could have used a cloche for my Jays lemon cucumbers—theyve already gone kaput! Too cold I guess for them.

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    Stacy Says:
    Those do look lovely! Im interested to see the comparison!

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    mangocheeks Says:
    Your glamorous glass cloches put my plastic ones to shame, they are not in good shape either being tossed by the Scottish harsh wind.

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    Randy Larson Says:
    Actual gloches, how beautiful! Just imagine if it was normal to walk into the fields of your Parisian plot and work a thousand cloches on and off your plants every day. You should find and post an old-time image (such as http://www.tumbledownfarm.com/drupal/sites/default/files/Cloche_Mats.jpg). Cloches are amazingly pretty, functional, and how they could work the back! There are several images at this guys site (which isnt mine) that are worth seeing.

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    Gardening Says:
    Those are pretty unique domes, I really think growing plants inside of glass jars is really underutilized. You can grow many plants very easily in jars that otherwise are difficult.

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    LadyJayPee at Eating, Etc Says:
    Your cloches are beautiful! I buy glass cheese dome covers at thrift stores and use them for cloches; they work great!