Side Yard Kitchen Gardens

Side Yard Kitchen Gardens

(Image via Bloom Town)

A couple of summers ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Portland-based garden designer, Darcy Daniels, beautiful garden. Darcy transformed a basic, boring yard into a thriving garden when she bought her home. The coolest part of the garden is the side yard, which instead of the usual driveway or weedy grass, features tall zig zagging raised beds and a pretty crushed gravel pathway.

Darcy manages to pack a lot into a narrow area by utilizing the vertical growing space. The beds back into a fence that screens out the neighboring yard and does double duty as a trellis for climbing crops, including tomatoes, squash, and fruit trees. Such an inspiring use of what often becomes a throwaway space in most yards!

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    Justine Says:
    I LOVE it, its beautiful! I can imagine how fun it is to walk through there every day and see whats

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    Sheila Says:
    What great ideas and such a beautiful outcome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Im inspired!

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    Laura Says:
    Beautiful idea, thanks.

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    LadyJayPee Says:
    We have a long, narrow back yard that needs some privacy screening where this could also work. Thank you so much for the visual!
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    gardenmentor Says:
    This is a lovely way to deal with one of the many narrow side yards we see in the PacNW! Kudos to Darcy.

    Willi, do you happen to know how wide her side space is?
    gardenmentors last blog ..In Loving Memory of Aaron Bjorn Waag – Tree Guy 

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    meg Says:
    Wow, beautiful!
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    fer Says:
    Amazing design! I definitely want to have raised beds like that whenever I get a house.
    fers last blog ..The banana peels fertilizer works very well 

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    Theresa Says:
    Love the fruit trees. I bet there are no worries of deer eating those apples!

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    Ann Says:
    Just perfect.
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    Joan Lambert Bailey Says:
    This looks great! It reminds me of the gardens typical of what we see here in Japan. Busy side yards with ornamentals and edibles, with a path winding through.
    Joan Lambert Baileys last blog ..My Garden Dreams for 2011 

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    Darcy Daniels Says:
    Hi Willi, thanks for posting about my kitchen garden on your fabulous site. Weve loved it since we built in 2006 and its fun to have others get a chance to see it and enjoy it.

    @gardenmentor The space is quite narrow, about 9.5 feet and not more than 10, and occupies the space that used to be our driveway on the south side of our lot.

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    Jacklyn Says:
    Hi Darcy, Wow, this is fabulous and very inspiring. I have a sun-drenched side yard too. For years there was a large pine tree which we had taken down 2 years ago. Before I put in a garden like this, can you recommend how I should amend the soil? I imagine it is out of balance, acidity-wise, after having the pine tree there for so long. Thanks!

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    Darcy Daniels Says:
    @Jacklyn Because this garden was created used raised beds, all new soil was brought in. Angular planter boxes that are about 18 tall have been built on the right and left sides of a central gravel path. Good luck with your project!